Professional Job Titles List - Don't Use A Drop-Down Box

Professional job titles list is what you're in need of in order to create a drop-down box for an 'employment' or 'job title' field in a web form, right? While controlling the options that people can input has its advantages, a drop-down box will frustrate many professionals.

That's because professionals are going to be used to using interfaces that are fast, responsive and easy-to-use. A drop-down box will cause a user to interact multiple times. In fact, it has been demonstrated that drop-down boxes can be a major contributor to poor completion rates of web forms. And for those that aren't maybe technological savvy, drop-down boxes can be extremely frustrating – as these users don't know what to do when they get to one. Drop-down boxes hide information, making them unfriendly to those with limited computer skills and clunky for those with the skills. Now, take into consideration a list of job titles. There aren't just a few job titles in the world – there are thousands. Remember that drop-off rate we mentioned? Well, imagine having you – or your client's – users trailing through thousands of options just to click on the right one. Do you think they will stick around? And then there are tablet and mobile users. Drop-down options can be fiddly and off-putting on these smaller screens. So what's the solution? Find a comprehensive job title list in a database with API auto-complete capabilities.

At Synclist, that's what we provide. Our professional job titles list contains nearly 40,000 titles. Our API, at a small monthly cost, allows users to save time, as well as to appeal to those with limited computer skills, by utilising auto-fill in your web form. No more drop-down boxes! To try out our database of job titles and API, or to have a chat about our services, just visit