Professional Job Title List - Important To Get Titles Right

Professional job title list databases are what a number of web developers look for when it comes to constructing websites and pages for clients – particularly in the recruitment and employment industries. This is to help gather the data necessary to input into a drop-down box or auto-complete box in a web form.

Developers could be forgiven for creating a limited register of different job titles. With there being so many jobs out there, it's virtually impossible to create a complete list of job titles across the globe. But it's important to make an effort to research as many job titles as possible. For example, gone are the days of basic job titles such as 'programmer', 'developer', 'administrator', 'engineer' or 'developer'. Today's job titles are much more specific and include information about that person's remit and role within the organisation. A developer could be a software developer, a technical developer, or even, of course, a web developer. And then it could go further – what about a web application developer? Or a software development director? Having the right job titles for a field on a web form – particularly for clients in the employment and recruitment industry – is extremely important. It shows a client is diligent to their potential customers, and that they understand the differences in skillsets between those job roles. So when looking for a job title list for an employment or recruitment website, it's important to create a diverse database of titles.

At Synclist, we've made that database. We're also glad to say that we've also developed an API allowing developers to access a professional job title list of 39,800 job titles, and a list of 2,100 industry names, on their web pages. To try it out right now for free, or to contact us for more information, just visit