List Of Job Titles Included In Your Site Or App Can Make This Data Easier To Harvest

List of job titles and industry sectors can be important data to include in your company website or mobile app. In many situations, information about the job titles, industry sectors and occupations of your site users can be vital to collect, use and analyse. Including a job title list can make gathering careers information from site users easier for you and make the site easier to use for them. When you are getting your web developer to build your site or mobile app, in what types of situation might you want to collect and use job title data?

Why Include A Job Title List On Your Site Or App?

Perhaps the most obvious use of collecting job title and industry sector titles is in recruitment. When you advertise jobs in your business, collecting the current job title and industry sector of your applicants can be used in your related screening processes. Is the applicant in a similar or the same industry sector as you or are they in related occupations with transferable skills? Would your position be a career promotion for them or are they already fulfilling the same job description elsewhere? Including a professional database job titles list from which applicants select their job title and industry sector makes the site easier for applicants to use. It also screens out ‘odd’ titles (such as the X-ray technician whose classification was ‘bone seeker’!). Having a job title list linked to your business query form can mean that queries are more efficiently handled. A query from a site user who describes themselves as a business decision maker such as a chief buyer might need a more detailed answer than one from a junior member of staff who might only need outline information. In general terms, analysing returns from site users who have chosen from a list of all job titles can give you a valuable guide about the reach and audience of your site- or app users. Are you reaching your intended audience? If you are not, how do you need to change your offer? Are you reaching a useful group of employees you had not previously considered?

Uses Of Data From Users’ Selections From Your List Of Company Job Titles

Another use of collecting information where users have selected from a list of company job titles is in analysing site user returns to customer or site satisfaction surveys. Do you give more weight to returns from management positions? Are answers from one industrial sector more important or more informed than answers from another? Are the satisfaction surveys completed by the same people as those responsible for making purchase decisions? If you include a job position titles list for your site users to select from on your online order form, you will gain information about who in your client companies are generating sales of your service or product. This will give you insights into designing targeted advertising and marketing activities for your company. These uses of job title and industry sector information are not exhaustive, however, and many other applications exist. However all such uses of information technology have to be planned in the development stages of your site or app. It is also true that generating and maintaining a decent, comprehensive list of job titles and implementing them on the site can be time-consuming and difficult. However, outsourcing the production and maintenance of the job and industry sector lists to a specialist company such as Synclist is a cost-effective alternative. If your developers can integrate access to these outside databases into your site seamlessly, e.g. through the use of an application programming interface (API), then even better. It is best of all if this API has an auto-complete function which makes suggestions based on partially-typed job titles.

Synclist Provides An API With A Detailed Quality List Of Job Titles Which Can Be Integrated Into Your Site Or App

An API with access to a huge database with 39,800 entries on the job title list and 2,100 industry sectors and with an auto-complete field function is exactly what we at Synclist can offer you. Our list of job titles is regularly updated and we offer a range of pricing structures starting with ’free’ for very low volume users in their first month. Visit our site at to get more information about our managing job title and industry sector technical data solutions. You can buy our innovative API on the site or complete our web form if you have more questions.