List Of Job Titles In A Company On Your Website Through An API?

List of job titles in a company and across industries is perhaps what you're looking for right now. There could be a number of reasons why, but a common cause comes from people looking for a database to feed into drop-down boxes on their website.

You could save so much time, effort and money in these research efforts of finding a list of job titles by investing a small amount in using an API to do the work for you. For those who don't know what APIs are, they are a set of requirements governing how different applications communicate with each other. These applications needn't be made by the same people, they just require an API that allows them to talk to one another. Think of websites where you see a map that's provided by Google. Or when websites allow you to sign into their services by signing in with your social media account. These are instances of different tools communicating with one another through an API. Great, you may think, but how does this information help you find a job title list? Well, there are APIs out there which can communicate with your website and offer access to a database of job titles. In other words, if you require a user to enter their job occupation – perhaps for research purposes or maybe because you offer employment services – the user will find a selection of thousands of job titles to select from. Even better, there are also job title databases with APIs that offer autofill capabilities – meaning your users have to do even less typing.

You can find such an API at Synclist. We offer a list of job titles in a company for free. We also offer access to this database, complete with autofill capabilities, either for free or at a small monthly fee – depending on your organisation’s or website's requirements. Contact us or try the database for free at today.