List Of Job Position Titles Via Autofill Can Improve The Websites You're Developing

List of job position titles via a job database may not be your first thought when it comes to improving the user interface of any websites you're developing, but it's such features of a website that help to create a better user experience.

This is particularly important if you're creating a website for an employment job agency or website geared towards employees in jobs. It goes without saying that such job websites will feature forms that encourage a person to fill in details about their job titles. This may include the job industry they work in, as well as the title of their current role. Imagine all the different permutations that people can write in a free text box – there are thousands of job titles out there! Now imagine if your client wants to know how many users have jobs in the IT job industry? Or how many of their visitors list their job titles as writers? Now think of all the ways people could describe the IT job industry or all of the ways in which people could describe their job titles as writers – the options are near endless. But what if you can control the choices that person makes? Surely this will improve job data collection for your client? Well, that's where an autofill job title list fits in. By using a good sized list of job titles and an API to access this database and to autofill these job or industry fields of a web form, you can do just that. You'll also boost the user experience – particularly for those relying on awkward mobile inputs or for disabled people with different typing capabilities.

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