List Of Common Job Titles - Why You Should Display Lists With Auto-Complete

List of common job titles is a fairly common search term for those looking to put together a simple database of job titles and/or job descriptions to use on a web form or on their website for their end users. A lot of the time, this can involve using drop down boxes to allow users to select their job title and job descriptions.

But we're here to explain why you should utilise auto-complete job list features instead of drop-down boxes. Web developers have already accepted the common importance of creating responsive business websites in today's mobile-friendly age. Yet web forms can lead to high drop-off rates due to the amount of typing, tapping, validation steps, descriptions, titles and pages that users have to get through on their mobile device. Add drop-down job list boxes into the mix and you've got an even more annoying experience. Due to the limited scrolling capabilities of mobile devices, drop-down job list boxes are likely to alienate rather than welcome mobile users. Auto-fill, or auto-complete, is the solution for lists of job titles. Crucially, Google's search rankings recognizes websites that have common auto-complete capabilities and will be more likely to place them higher in results than websites using clunky drop-down boxes. That's precisely why when it comes to populating a job title list database, or when using a curated list of database job titles, you need to make sure users can navigate it with fields that auto-populate with a list of job titles.

Synclist's jobs database of thousands of business job titles and job industries, combined with our free-to-use jobs titles API, offers a large list of common job titles and common job industries to choose from – complete with user-friendly auto-populate capabilities. For more information, to talk to us about our job titles features or to test our job titles API tool, head on over to