List Of All Job Titles To Help Complete Autofill Web Forms

List of all job titles could be exactly what you need right now, even if you don’t know it! It could be that you're just looking to access a database of job titles, but it's also just as likely that you're looking for options to help fill out a list that you're currently putting together for entry into the field of a web form.

Drop-down boxes are a great way to control the content that someone is sending to a website. It can also help build stats and information about the people engaging with a website. One common field in such forms relates to the employment or industry that a person is involved in. In order to control the options that users type into this field, you'll need a comprehensive list of job titles or industries to input. This requires a lot of research, effort and time. However, you can cut this process out and, at the same time, increase the user interface of the website being developed by utilising a database and an API autofill tool. Many web users today are already making use of many different handy autofill tools. Such tools can improve the user experience for some, and shows further consideration to those who aren't fast typers, those who are entering information via clumsy mobile inputs or people with limited dexterity. Thankfully, it is possible to find such autofill tools that work from a job title list or database via an API.

Take, for example, our database at Synclist. Our database contains a comprehensive list of all job titles – nearly 40,000 – as well as a list of over 2,000 global industries. By utilising our API tool at a low cost, your website form's 'employment' or 'industry' fields will offer seamless access to that database with full autofill capabilities. To see it in action for free, or to contact us for a chat about options, just visit us at