Job Titles List In Companies - Why There Are So Many Job Titles Today

Job titles list in companies is usually rather extensive. That's because companies have so many job titles within their departments today. Job titles have become more and more specific, it would seem, to better appeal to those applying for jobs. But there's more to a job title than you may think.

In 2014, a study found that 92% of organisations used job titles to accurately define the role of an employee. But what was also interesting about this study was that it was discovered that nearly 25% of employees had some say in determining their own job title. Research found that employees were actually less stressed and burned out when they were allowed to determine their own title – either from a job title list or by their own. These titles allow barriers to be broken down within organisations and allows employees to better express themselves. It's part of the reason why so many job titles exist today. But this can also cause problems for certain organisations. If you run a service for employees or an employment-related website, it's likely that you're going to have fields in web forms that require a user to enter their job title. A blank box allows anyone to put infinite variations of a job title in, but it doesn't help you obtain clear, concise stats about those using your site. By the same margin, a drop down box with just a dozen or so industry options is obviously too constrictive in today's world. But what if you had access to a list of job titles in a database that allows users to select from nearly 40,000 job titles?

Thankfully, that does exist – and it's provided by the team at Synclist. We offer an API tool that autofills a user's job title or industry name – allowing you both depth and control. You can see it in action – and access our job titles list in companies database – for free by visiting