Job Titles Database - It's Important To Offer Correct Job Titles

Job titles database is what you're aiming to build up right now. Perhaps it's for your own company or research, or perhaps you're a web developer looking to use a database to help fill in a drop-down box or auto-complete box on a web form. Irrespective, it's important to give people the option to choose specific job titles.

For example, what if you're employed by – or your client works for – an agency that brings together clients and those looking for a job? Wouldn't it be great if that agency could get both sides to fill in a form and select the job titles that would be most suited to their ideal employee and ideal job respectively? Having a blank text box without options could lead to a number of different permutations – leaving your client with more work to play 'matchmaker'. Remember, many organisations have their own spin on job titles. Being a 'Service Champion' at a household name fast food outlet is great, but we all know that it is, essentially, the role of a service attendant. On the contrary, a list of database job titles via drop-down box or text box with an auto-populate feature can leave no room for doubt about potential compatibility between the organisation and the potential employee. As web developers, you're going to be always looking for ways to improve the website's functionality for both the client and the user. A feature like this can do both things. Usage of a job title list can help to better classify either an end user's job role, or what job role is being advertised.

You needn't spend many hours of time researching in order to put together a job titles database – just use Synclist's database. We offer an API for developers that creates an auto-complete field which contains access to nearly 40,000 different job titles. To try it out for free, or to get in touch, just head over to