Job Position Titles List On Your Websites Is Important

Job position titles list, which can be accessed via a database, is important to many websites. Whether you're a web developer or a tech-minded small business owner, you'll want to try and get visitors engaged with your website with small, but handy features and descriptions that save time and energy.

There are many ways in which this intuitiveness can be achieved, but one extremely common way in which this is done via modern websites is by enabling auto-fill or auto-complete options in any fields on your website(s). This will make your websites appear more professional, but it will also do something more important: it will boost your website's chances of appearing higher in Google search results. Google's head of web spam issues delivered this revelation in a recent Q&A. This is because mobile devices now have three times as many users as laptops or desktops. However, typing is more difficult on smaller screens than on keyboards, so auto-complete or auto-fill options offer a better user experience on mobile platforms. By delivering this user-friendly option, you are increasing the chance of your websites featuring higher in Google rankings. This is precisely why a list of job titles or access to a job title list via a database is important. Many websites feature fields or web forms that require users to give their job title. By utilising a database of different job titles via an API that offers auto-fill options, you will be making this particular job section of your web form more user-friendly.

At Synclist, we offer our API autofill tool for free (or for a small monthly fee, depending on usage levels) via This will give you access to a job position titles list – featuring nearly 40,000 different job titles – that can be accessed by users typing into any job or employment fields in your web forms. Visit our website to contact us or to test our database and auto-fill API tool right now!