Database Related Job Titles - Build Your Own Database Or Use An API?

Database related job titles are what you're looking into right now. Many web developers look to create databases for drop-down boxes or auto-complete text boxes that will appear on web forms on a website. But there's also the option of using a pre-existing database through an API to achieve the same result. Which is better?

Many organisations build their own databases all of the time, but is that really necessary in today's interconnected world? After all, there are many organisations that can provide curated databases. This can have many advantages – especially for start-ups. With many larger companies perhaps being able to afford running multiple databases, this is just not possible at organisations where cash flow is a problem. A curated database means that a smaller business doesn't need to worry about capturing data, maintaining the database and updating the job title list. However, there are genuine concerns that many developers have – particularly in regards to response times. A good API will enable smooth communication between a curated database and a website. Not only that, but a curated list of database job titles on a database, accessed via an API, is going to receive all of the attention from its administrators in order to keep it perfect. This frees up time for any of your data engineers or web developers to work on other things related to your website. So the choice is clear: utilise developers who have opened up their curated databases at a far lower cost than operating your own databases.

That's exactly what we do at Synclist with our database related job titles and industries services. We provide the database, the maintenance and the API – allowing your website access to a list of 39,800 job titles and 2,100 industry titles, complete with auto-populate capabilities. To see our pricing, contact us and test out our API today, just visit