Database Of Job Titles Or Industries - Where Can I Find One?

Database of job titles or industries are often sought by a number of different organisations and individuals for a variety of reasons. Some want such a database for research (academic or market) or for corporate reasons (such as for a web form on an employment or recruitment website).

The problem many people have when it comes to researching this topic is that every list they find is incomplete. For example, Wikipedia only lists about 100 industries. There are, of course, many more than that. When it comes to research or including a list of industries for selection on your website or web forms, a missing industry can make your research participant or users feeling unrecognised. When it comes to a list of database job titles, many websites include basic descriptions such as 'Manager' or 'Engineer', despite these roles having a variety of sub-titles associated with them. The problem this creates for those performing research is that these titles will be too broad to be useful for research purposes; whereas they will not be detailed and relevant enough for website users. Even if you combine multiple lists together, you'll still need to compile all of those titles and remove any multiple or overlapping options. Irrespective of whether you're performing research via a survey or providing a drop-down or auto-fill box on a web form, you're going to have to manually input all of those titles to make up your job title list.

But with Synclist's comprehensive database of job titles and industries, you can have access to 39,800 job titles and 2,100 industry names – and all for free. For just a small monthly fee, we offer up our API autofill feature for web forms and websites – saving you time and money on the development and maintenance of a database. Please head over to to try out our API or to contact us for more information.