Database Job Titles Have A Wide Number Of Possible Applications

Database job titles and industry sectors listings have a wide number of possible uses. They can be written into an application programming interface (API) which can be integrated into websites and apps by developers to make completing job titles and industry sectors easier for site users and speed up response times. A well prepared database with a good job title list and comprehensive industry sector listings has a number of other uses as a stand-alone resource. It can be useful to research and other companies, institutions and members of the general public. Here we look at some of those possible uses.

How Is A Job Title List Useful?

Perhaps one of the more obvious uses of a job titles database is in senior schools and colleges. It can be used as a resource in careers advice sessions in a number of different ways. The job title list can be used to spark discussion amongst students about what different titles might mean and what the job linked to the title might involve. It can also be used with individual students to allow them to look at a range of different job titles. This might help them to find occupations that interest them and to find to about the types of job that could be a good fit with their study subjects and background. They could also review the training job titles list to help them find entry level jobs that will provide training in their chosen industry. Another sector that could use database job titles and industry sector listings are those who are advisers to employees and those seeking employment. If the client is in employment or looking for employment, looking at lists of job titles can help them find out what other types of jobs they could be doing. It might help them discover what transferable skills they have, such as communication or interpersonal skills, which can be used in a variety of jobs. Job lists can also show the types of positions people will need to work towards to move up the career ladder. In other words, a job list can help plan out an individual’s career path.

Corporate Uses Of A Database Of Job Titles

In the corporate environment, an applicant can use a database of job titles to select the most appropriate job titles on their resume to properly reflect their previous experience. If the applicant employs the most specific titles possible, the person reviewing the applications will have a very quick understanding of their previous employment. A list of job titles in their industry sector can be very useful for small companies in a number of situations too. Firstly, when applying for finance or competing for bids and tenders, many small companies will need to produce an organisation chart which shows the staff at different levels in their company. Using common industry sector job titles will make their organisational structures easier for outside parties to understand. A job title list can also help a small company when it is planning expansion. Using a clear job title which expresses both the seniority of the position and the job role can means that they can attract more suitable applicants. It can also help plan an expanded corporate structure clearly and ensure that similar job titles in different areas demonstrate parity or seniority levels accurately across departments. Naturally, the amount of assistance that a database can provide is down to the quality of information contained within it. The maxim ‘garbage in, garbage out’ certainly holds true here. You should look for a well-researched database containing a wide range of job titles in a large number of industry sectors, such as the database available from Synclist.

Synclist Provide Comprehensive Database Job Titles And Industry Sector Listings

Our database contains a job title list with 39,800 entries and 2,100 industry sector names. It is available in standard Microsoft Excel (.xls) format. Synclist also provides this information as an API for developers to integrate into websites and apps allowing access to our job and industry titles on their pages. This has an auto populate feature which means site users only need to partially type their information in before they are provided with all possible answers. See our website at to purchase our database job titles and industry sector names, for pricing information or to contact us via our web form.