Database Job Title Register Combined With Auto-Complete Forms?

Database job title registers are often used in conjunction with websites and web forms which feature drop-down boxes, allowing users to pick a job title from that list. While drop-down boxes worked in the past when web development wasn't as advanced, today you should consider using auto-complete or auto-populate features.

But why auto-complete? When most users think of auto-complete, they think of features such as auto-spell or auto-predict. These features can be extremely helpful, especially when you're using a squashed touch-tap keyboard on a small mobile screen where mistakes can often be made. The difference is that auto-complete, combined with a job title list database, cannot go wrong unless the user is wrong. When the user enters the first few letters of a word, an auto-complete field will call the relevant database and will populate the screen with various titles based on the letters typed. If the person mistypes something or writes something that isn't on the database, then it won't show any titles. This has the advantage of guiding people into a set amount of options (great for gathering stats) while also ensuring there are no spelling mistakes. It also speeds up human-computer interactions too, which makes web forms accessible to disabled people – particularly people with limited hand movements or dexterity. In fact, it's likely you already use auto-complete every day. When you type an address that you frequent often into your browser bar, your browser will give you auto-complete options. So when it comes to using a list of database job titles on a web form, auto-complete is the way to go.

At Synclist, we provide this service through our extensive database job title register and API tool. This tool allows websites to interact with our database when someone uses the appropriate web form on your website. No need to make your own database! Just head on over to to try it out for free right now, or to contact us for more information.