Database Administrator Job Titles - Make Use Of Auto-Fill Boxes

Database administrator job titles is what you're looking into. Perhaps you're interested in creating a drop-down box of job titles for use by website users in a web form. Well, we're here to tell you that it's time to drop that drop-down and embrace auto-populate features.

However you want to label it (auto-populate, auto-complete or auto-fill), this method of populating a box with a variety of options based on the partial typing of a user has become extremely popular. It has been helped in no small way by Google confirming that auto-complete features on a website will help boost it in the Google rankings. This is largely thanks to this feature being handy for the increasing majority of mobile users who visit websites. We already know that mobile-friendly, responsive websites feature higher in the Google rankings, so this shouldn't be a big surprise to web developers. But, of course, auto-populate features need to coincide with a database. So when it comes to auto-populating a list of database job titles (especially important for recruitment, agency, survey and employment-related websites) for a web form, you're going to need to build a rather extensive database. There are, of course, thousands of job titles today. How do you find such an extensive job title list? Better yet, how do you find the time to create such a database? These are genuine concerns that any web developer will have.

But you needn't worry. That's because Synclist, acting as a database administrator job titles expert, offers free access to its database. Better yet, we've even built the API tool to access that database for you – all from a very low monthly price dependent on the amount of calls and retrievals we receive from your websites. For more information, to contact us or to test out our tool right now, just head over to today!