Cool Job Titles List - Important To Gather Different Titles

Cool job titles list is what you're looking for today. There could be a number of reasons as to why but, ultimately, you just want to find a definitive list or database showing different jobs. Whatever your research efforts are for, it's worth remembering that there are a lot of job titles out there.

This has been caused by a far more liberal approach to job titles over the past decade or so, with many companies putting their own spin on job roles with catchy titles. Think of the Apple 'Geniuses', for example, who are actually just performing the traditional role of technical support. Ultimately, though, there are more established job titles out there. But even if you remove the names which 'spin' traditional job roles, you're still left with a large list of database job titles created out of necessity due to more specialised roles brought about by technology. Ultimately, when organisations look for someone who does tech support, they don't look for 'Geniuses'; they still look for 'tech support'. At the other end of the scale, it's very easy to fall into the trap of classing all 'engineers' as the same. Engineers can be involved in the construction of bridges, the field of thermodynamics or during the development of road cars. These people do not have the same skillsets at all, so is it fair to class them all as just an 'engineer'? That's why you need to make use of a job title list that takes all these nuances into account.

Synclist does just that. Our cool job titles list weighs in at nearly 40,000 different titles. While we provide our services to web developers looking to use our database on websites and web forms, our database is open to the public for free. To search it, or to test our API auto-fill feature for web developers, just head over to Any questions? Just contact us via the appropriate page on our website.