Company Job Titles List Via An API - What Is It And Why Is It Good For My Website?

Company job titles list is something that many individuals, researchers and organisations look to obtain. Most often, this is to do with being able to offer a drop-down box of options in an 'employment' or 'job' field that users have been asked to fill in on a website of some kind.

Yet instead of investing so many resources in researching, creating and building a database of all job titles you can possibly find (a massive undertaking), you could access an existing database offering a list of job titles. That solves a lot of problems, but then there's still the problem of manually inputting these thousands of jobs into your system. Thankfully, there's a solution to that issue too: by using an API. What's an API? API stands for 'Application Program Interface' and acts, effectively, as a translator between different software applications. They've been used for many years in desktop and laptop operating systems to allow programs to communicate with one another. However due to the increasing complexity of the World Wide Web, APIs have been developed for applications and social media websites too. Web APIs allow websites to harvest data from multiple online sources. For example, perhaps your company website has contact details and a map. This map is likely to be from a popular search engine provider such as Google or Bing. The reason the map appears on your company website is due to an API. An API communicating with a job title list database can be used in forms and fields on your website too – allowing users to browse and select their job title from that database list.

At Synclist, we take that one step further. Our low cost database company job titles list of 39,800 has autofill capabilities – offering users a selection of predetermined job roles as they type, saving your end users valuable time. To access our free database today or get in touch with us to talk about our product more, please go to