Service Calls Instructions

A user receives a total of 500 free calls per month for both API services (Title and Industry). If a user has requested 300 API calls for industry and 200 API calls for job titles, it will count as a total of 500 API calls.

We set a default condition for a minimum of 3 characters before an API call is counted. Here is an example of this condition: If a website user has typed "A" the API service won't return a record and it won't count against your total API calls per month. If user has typed "AC", the API service won't return a record and still doesn't count against the total API calls per month. It's only when a user has typed “ACC” or a longer word that the API service will count the call and return the resulting record.

If a free account user has reached 350 calls in a month, the system will automatically send a warning email to the user recommending that they upgrade their service to prevent service interruption.

If a user has reached to 500 calls in a month, the system will send an additional email to the user encouraging them to upgrade the account. The system will return a message similar to, “Exceed limit, please upgrade an account”, after 500 calls unless the user upgrades their account.

Once an account has been upgraded, the user won’t be able to access remaining free calls. As an example, if user has used 300 calls of the 500 available calls from a free account and then upgrades their account to the Low-Volume key, they will get a total of 1,000 calls per month which includes the remaining free calls for the month. They will not receive the 1,000 calls per month for the Low-Volume Key plus the 200 free calls for a total of 1,200 calls per month, only 1,000 calls in total.